Company Profile


T-SOK Co. Ltd. is the leading global manufacturers of multi-slide hot chamber die casting machines for zinc and the relevant equipment. With many years of experience in the production and sales of multi-slide die-casting machines, we have successfully developed the world's first fully-electric multi-slide die-casting machine, it has significantly increased the density and surface quality of casting to a new standard. Apart from being the supplier of multi-slide die casting machines, T-SOK has a tool shop well equipped with the most modern machineries, and experienced tool makers with the know-how which can offer our customers a complete service: from the design and manufacturing to the testing and sampling; delivering high quality dies ready for production.

Since the foundation of T-SOK, the business has continued to grow based upon our ability to source and supply die casting services of the highest standard, ranging from individual machines for small to medium size businesses to tailored solutions for larger organizations.

To T-SOK, selling is not the end of the contract, but the beginning of a lasting relationship. We provide full service capabilities from the installation and training of the machine, to the design and manufacturing of the multi-slide die casting tooling. Our technicians have extensive experience with this machinery, as well as the die casting industry. They provide all the necessary training to help our clients install, operate, and maintain the die casting machine. In addition, we also offer a one-stop service for all the spare parts and tooling for multi-slide die casting machines. Clients can count on us in designing and manufacturing high quality molds targeted specifically for their needs, and providing spare parts and consumables in real time.

In the future, T-SOK will work to become a “Strong Company” through the development of products that are both user- and environment-friendly. Wherever cost saving and increase productivity are a priority, wherever the quality and precision are a requirement, T-SOK will continue to win and maintain the leading share of the global market for multi-slide die casting, and provide its utmost services to the customers.