2018/09/04 Electric v.s. Hydraulic


  1. The electric energy is directly converted into kinetic energy. Energy consumption reduces 50-70%.
  2. Reduce operating noise. No messy leaks. Improve the working environment. No fire risk and contamination issues.
  3. Fewer components, less maintenance, and lower production waste.
  4. Fewer transmission parts, compact structure, and clean appearance (less wires and without oil pipes).
  5. Less mechanical wear and there’s no slamming of the mold hence longer tool life.
  6. Simplified installation and control. Less manual control. Easier to control by touch panel.
  7. Accurately control the die opening/closing and injection motions.
  8. Reduction the cooling consumption. There’s no necessary hydraulic oil cooling system.
  9. Precise control of speed and position. Eliminate the “Hammer Effect” and minimize burrs.
  10. High stability, good parts density, and a superior surface finish.
  11. An operator can work on the machine without needing to understand hydraulics.
  12. Servo motors run independently with every axis, much easier to troubleshoot and repair.