Product Details

Die Casting Mold

  • Specification:Multi-Slide/Traditional
  • The die casting tooling from the design and manufacturing to the sampling and testing of the casted parts. T-SOK has the capabilities to offer the customer a turnkey implementation of any precision zinc die casting projects.

Product Description

T-SOK has devoted itself to the multi-slide technology and tooling for more than 20 years. We have gained valuable knowledge and experience so our customers can get the best product and service. For first time multi-slide die casting users, we also provide complete training and assistance so they can understand the characteristics of multi-slide technology.
Evolutionary multi-slide design, mold design diversity, wide selection of mold parting directions (two to six directions), the core can be removed from any angle and direction. High mold precision, suitable for high precision and high complexity parts production.

Our Service

T-SOK provides high-quality products  with competitive prices, as well as a series of technical services, so our customers can stay ahead of their competitive market. 
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