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Bordignon Die Spring

  • Specification:BK Series

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About Bordignon

MOLLIFICIO BORDIGNON has been manufacturing springs for over 50 years with different wire diameters, shapes and materials, as well as springs conforming to international standards. The high performance of MOLLIFICIO BORDIGNON springs is ensured by rigorous research into new materials and treatments and continuous tests in different conditions of use.
In 1995 MOLLIFICIO BORDIGNON was the first company in its sector to obtain UNI EN ISO 9002 certification. Superlative performance is achieved by the combination of product quality and proper use.

Black Springs

Black springs are produced by means of a new patented cold coiling system using very high tensile steels and special treatment. They provide exceptionally high loads, greater than those available from gas polyurethane springs orBelleville washers of the size.

These springs are easy to fit, simple to use, reliabel  and safe.

They do not require complicating assemblies/fasternings.
They avoid the use of pressure vessels in the die.
The diameters remain unchanged at any deflection.
They also work at higher temperatures than those possible with gas and polyurethane spring.
The loads do not change with temperature virations.
No protection from contaminants, liquids or metal chips is required.
There is no need for maintenance or lubrication.
Greater force at identical or similar dimensions


Length Model No. Housing Rod Rate Stroke Load(N)
20 BK10020 10 5 580 2.2 1.25
30 BK10030 10 5 360 3.5 1.25
40 BK10040 10 5 260 4.8 1.25
50 BK10050 10 5 200 6.0 1.25

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