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Nitrogas Gas Springs

  • Specification:NITROGAS Gas Spring
  • ESK System: design for compensate unbalanced forces and increase gas springs life.

Product Description

Why Nitrogas?

NITROGAS’s  gas  springs  offer  the  world’s  most  advanced  technology,  guaranteeing longer gas spring life than other  products on the market. NITROGAS  offers  customers  products  that  meet  any  test  of  approval,  confirming the longest life of our gas springs.
NITROGAS was founded in Vitoria (Spain) in 1988 and has become one of the most important manufacturer of gas cylinders.For 25 years we have developed this technology.Today, NITROGAS has his wholly owned subsidiaries in Germany, Portugal, China, Korea, Mexico and Brazil besides its dealer network.
NITROGAS  ensures  maximum  technical  support  to  its  customers,  with  prompt response to any application assistance or questions related to their products.

Automotive Standards

ISO11901-1: Tools for pressing. Gas Springs. General specifications.  
ISO11901-2: Tools for pressing. Gas Springs. Specification of accessories.
ISO11901-3: Tools for pressing. Gas Springs. Gas spring with increased spring force and compact built height.
ISO11901-4: Tools for pressing. Gas Springs. Gas springs with increased spring force and same built height.
VDI : Verein Deutscher Ingenieure
VDI 3003 - Nitrogen gas springs in large stamping dies and mounting versions.
VDI 3004 - Forcing pins with helical compression springs or nitrogen gas springs.
CNOMO : Renault Group
CNOMO EM24.54.700 - Gas springs, pneumatic springs for press tooling.
PSA : Peugeot - Citroën Group
PSA E24.54.815.G - Gas springs and accessories.
SMS DNH 3203 N - Toyota standard.

Total Security

ESK System 
Design for compensate unbalanced forces and increase gas springs  life.  This  system  allows  up  to  two  degrees  of  side  load  and  unlike  other  balanced  systems,  the  ESK  system  maintains the rod in vertical position.
Blow Out Protection System
Safety system that allows a controlled nitrogen gas discharge in case of overcome working limits.
Excesive Return Speed Lifeguard
The  new  and  safer  design  of  the  gas  springs  avoids  the  rupture in case of an excessively rapid return stroke.

Nitrogas Gas Spring Model

Force < 100 daN
Z-50, Z-70, R-100, G-100
Force 150-200 daN
Force 250-300 daN
Force 320-450 daN
Force 500-600 daN
Force 750 daN
Force 1000 daN
Force 1500 daN
Force 2500 daN
Force 3000 daN
KC-3000, HG-3000, G-3000, T-3000, TC-3000, TS-3000, TSC-3000
Force 5000 daN
KC-5000, HG-5000, G-5000,T-4700, TC-4700, TS-4700, TSC-4700
Force 6500 daN
Force 7500 daN
HG-7500, CN-7500, T-7500, TC-7500, TS-7500, TSC-7500
Force 10000 daN
Force 12000 daN
T-11800, TC-11800, TS-11800, TSC-11800                                 
Force 20000 daN
KP-20000, HD-20000, T-18300, TC-18300, TS-18300, TSC-18300

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